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Celebrants are not made all the same and whether you are a newly engaged couple, parents of a new born, or simply someone wanting to celebrate a special occasion, finding your perfect celebrant to preside over your ceremony should not be a stressful process. 


You should engage a celebrant who respects your wishes, gives you tangible and practical advice, promotes confidence and who makes that "connection" with you.  

Here are some helpful tips.


Your celebrant should demonstrate that they will;

* Adhere to the values of the celebrant's Code of Practice in the highest regard (ask for a copy);

* Display a high level of personal integrity and ethical standards;

* Take pride in their personal and work etiquette;  and most importantly,

* Demonstrate that they have the know-how and expertise to deliver a seamless ceremony (guests taking a nap mid-ceremony is not a trend!).  


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