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Remember to have FUN!

A wedding ceremony is steeped in tradition and like civilisation, ceremonies continue to evolve; meaning these days anything goes.


One aspect that has always remained the same, is that marriages can only be solemnised by a person legally appointed to do so, i.e. in Australia - a priest or a civil marriage celebrant.  

Marriage is legally binding.  Not only will it change your status to husband and wife, it will define your property rights as well as the inheritance of your descendants, therefore it is imperative that all legal obligations are met leading up to and on your wedding day.  

Formalities aside, a wedding ceremony is your story. It should reflect your past, acknowledge the present and bless your future.  


It's no secret then, we all strive for that perfect wedding day and whilst it is impossible to control every element, e.g. the weather/traffic delays, you can control the most important element - your ceremony

As a full time celebrant, I am able to provide assistance and guidance every step of the way, helping to create for you and your fiancé, an amazing start to your new married life.

If you have any questions, big or small, I am happy to help you. Get in touch by clicking here.

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